About Us

Corporate Profile

A California Corporation, Edd Clark & Associates, Inc. (EC&A) has provided environmental consulting services to public and private-sector clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1989. Our staff of State-registered geologists, engineers and environmental professionals assess geologic and environmental conditions of properties, investigate soil and groundwater quality and remediate hazardous substances releases. Additionally, we have a State contractor’s license that is primarily used for services associated with removal of underground fuel storage tanks (USTs) and/or installation of remediation systems. It also allows EC&A to offer our clients turnkey environmental investigation and remediation services.

Policy Statement

It is our policy to solve environmental problems in the most direct and expeditious way possible while adhering to our client’s objectives as well as applicable laws, regulations and procedures.This approach results in quicker site closure, thereby promoting the client satisfaction that results in the referrals from which most of our business is derived. It has also established EC&A’s reputation for innovative solutions to site remediation.

Insurance & Licenses

EC&A’s State-registered geologists are the responsible project managers for contaminated soil and groundwater investigations and cleanup. This State registration and our contractor’s licenses allow EC&A to serve as a prime contractor for work on a property involving excavation, removal, or disposal of USTs, as well as for the investigation and remediation or disposal of contaminated soil or groundwater. We are bonded and have the appropriate insurances. Copies of our licenses and certificats will be made availabe upon request.

Insurance Coverage

Starr Indemnity & Liability Company
AM. Best: A X – California Admitted
• Commercial General Liability
$ 1,000,000.00 (each occurence)
• Professional (Errors & Omissions)
$ 1,000,000.00
• Contractors Pollution Liability
$ 1,000,000.00
• Automotive Liability
$ 1,000,000.00
• General Aggregate
$ 2,000,000.00

Excess Liability

$ 4,000,000.00 (each occurence)
$ 4,000,000.00 (annual aggregate)

State Workers Compensation
Federal Insurance Company
State Registrations, Contractor’s License and Certification 
State of California – Class A Engineering Contractor License #661915
State of California – Hazardous Substances Removal and Remediation Certificate
State of California – Registered Geologists and Engineers
State of California – Registered Environmental Assessors
Health and Safety Training