The Fuel Oil Polishing Company (FOPCO) is a division of EC&A that specializes in decontamination filtering of diesel fuel. The fuel polishing (filtering) involves pumping the fuel, at a rate of 2000 gallons per hour, through bag filters (2), an oil-water separator, and a series of “revive” filters (4). This process removes sediment, rust, entrained water and microbes ranging in size down to 1 micron. Scouring the bottoms of the fuel storage tanks is also part of the process as is the addition of a biocide to the filtered fuel. The biocide retards the growth of bacteria and is a rust preventative and engine lubricant.

Among the services provided by FOPCO are:

  • General Engineering Contracting.
  • Fuel Decontamination Filtering.
  • Fuel Transfers and Liquid Waste Disposal.
  • Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning, Removal and Disposal.


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FOPCO is a subsidiary of
Edd Clark & Associates