Our Staff

Brian L. Wingard

Senior Geologist / President

Mr. Wingard has over 20 years’ experience managing and overseeing soil and groundwater remediation projects for residential and commercial/industrial sites. He specializes in both mechanical and biological remedial applications for hydrocarbon, chlorinated solvent and metal cleanup sites.

Mr. Wingard became the principal owner of ECA Group in January 2022.

Christopher Houlihan, PG

Project Geologist

California Professional Geologist #9686

Mr. Houlihan has over 20 years’ experience overseeing residential and commercial/industrial cleanup projects. He serves as the company’s Quality Control and Team Leader.

Mark Tennyson, GIT

Staff Geologist

Mr. Tennyson specializes in field applications and remedial system operations. He also specializes in land surveying and GIS system applications.

Gretchen Wambach

Staff Geologist

Ms. Wambach specializes in field applications, site investigations and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for both residential and commercial/industrial sites.

John Calomiris

Operations Manager / Associate

Mr. Calomiris has over 30 years’ experience in site investigations and environmental risk assessments for a variety of specialized projects.

Richard Ely, PG

Senior Geologist

California Professional Geologist #4137

Mr. Ely has over 35 years of experience in the environmental arena for residential and commercial /industrial sites, specializing in site investigation assessments and remedial action applications. Mr. Ely has also conducted numerous fault studies for government agencies.

Stephen Knuttel portrait

Stephen Knuttel, PG

Senior Geologist

Stephen Knuttel portrait

California Professional Geologist #7674

Mr. Knuttel has over 30 years of experience in the environmental arena, specializing in site investigations and assessments for chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and metals.

Caroline Farry

Office Manager

Ferry portrait
Ferry portrait